Meet your New Partners at EIF’2018
Convention and exhibition areas are sometimes not satisfactory in making effective business meetings.
A refined and comfortable meeting environment will be provided through open office system in an area isolated from the Congress programme, with attendance of companies from any branch of energy sector, invited to our EIF 2018 Event by our bilateral negotiation agencies and networks in Europe, Asia, Africa and especially the Middle East.

Our bilateral meetings at EIF 2018 will offer you more than a short introductory conversation, and give you an opportunity to meet a lot of attendees from different places of the world and to build a much more extensive and professional social network in your own specialization. Our special appointment system will enable you to get prepared in advance to have a face to face meeting in your own field of activity with any company at your own choice, and make long or short-term business contracts with them.
You can optimize the time you spend in the exhibition area by organizing pre-scheduled and targeted business meetings and planning your participation in the exhibition more effectively.
In addition, you will be provided through bilateral meetings with a refined and comfortable meeting environment with the open office system isolated from the congress programme. After the Congress, you will have acquired opportunities for new friendships, exchange of information and experiences as well as new investment opportunities and partnerships.
We will be delighted to see you at this great meeting.

Participation Cost : 100-€ + VAT, for further information please contact with us, thanks,